Cysh Chibi Dressup

Cysh here and I wanna show off some of the cute outfits and costumes that I tried out the former weeks…We all know I am a League of Legends player so I wanted to see how I’d pull off some of their outfits, I think the results are rather nice, actually.

First off I went to be a fox, Ahri, in her regular clothing! Fits me like a…Charm…Does it not? I am sure it does!


Then since we were doing some Ahri I thought I’d try out being a popstar as well, so that’s why I went and put on Popstar Ahri’s clothing afterwards. I am a diva!


Though Ahri was not the only person I wanted to try out to be…So I picked up an ice bow and some arrows and became Ashe. Now you’ll freeze!!


Ice aside, and my cold shoulder…Ha! It was time for a laser light show, so I put on Lux’s tight bodysuit and her armor…I should wear this bodysuit more often, I think it fits my curves! The armor was kind of in the way though, and always kept squishing my breasts…Weh!


Going away from LoL I wanted to try out the outfit of another fox as well, that well known Caster person…Though this is more of a casual outfit I think since it is certainly not her main outfit…Oh well, I liked it anyways. Also I think my hair fits twin-tails a lot!!


Next up was a military uniform…A little bit changed though since I wanted to wear a skirt instead of pants, but I think I’d be able to hide among the trees now, right? Maybe not my hair and tails though…Also this darn helmet kept smothering my poor ears…Huff.


I never went to school, but if I did I think I would wear an uniform like this, the black really suits me……


Two New Stories

I have added two new stories to the Stories page of the site. One of them is half of a commission and the other one is a very short story with just some cute Aruruu stuff going on.

Ahri’s Playtime (Part 1)
A Giant Curious Aruruu

Find them in Stories.

More new art and some WIPs

Greetings there people, recently a new piece of this lovely Kitsune was finished. Art made by BartonDH on deviantART and he got this quite wonderful style that you should definitely check out! Of course, there’s no proper Kitsune without big fox titties, so here they are! Even a nice pantypeek for you pervs.


On top of that I am waiting for a piece to be finished of my dear Final Fantasy XIV Miqo’te named Minorin. The artist behind this piece is Funarie on deviantART. Minorin is the character I use for roleplay in FFXIV settings, or in-game itself seeing as she is my character in the game, a cute Miqo’te White Mage.


And my dear minisized shrine maiden named Kaguya has deserved some more attention recently as well, therefore I commissioned a cute drawing of her sitting in some dessert. Because of her size this is a fitting setting is it not? Artist behind this piece is ThaiChau on deviantART!



As for other things, I was planning on adding more designs to the mousepad page. These designs are the ones I am thinking about adding, some with Chiu and Cysh together, as well as one of Fuyu and one of Nanami. I am also contemplating a limited quantity of Minorin from FFXIV.

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Mousepads Up For Sale

Greetings people, Cysh here and I got a little announcement for you all.

First off, Merry Late Christmas and a Happy New Year since I haven’t really made any updates during that time, hope you all are looking forwards to 2016, there’ll most likely be a lot of cool stuff happening…Maybe.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was pretty awesome by the way, so if you haven’t seen it yet…The heck you doing?! As you can see, Cysh joined the fun as well! She is a Jedi! Artwork by VicKelis. There’ll be more coming from her, trust me.


Now, as the title says I have added a page here on my blog related to mousepads with Cysh on them. All of the mousepads (for now) will be featuring artwork made by Batusawa, and you can get yourself one of these adorable mousepads of varying designs (maybe take two?) for $21 + $8 shipping. The shipping is flat rate worldwide for up to 3 pads! This wonderful artist gets a piece from every mousepad sold as well so you’re making me happy and giving her some extra income!

More designs will be added over time, some might also be removed but that depends on how popular certain designs are. Most of them will only feature my character Cysh unless permission to use OCs of other people in them have been given.

Head on over to THIS page to check out the 11 current designs! You can also see information on how to order and the likes there. Everything is done manually by the way so there’s a personal touch to every order.

It Is Summer Fun!

Hello again and long time no see right? This is Cysh here again and I got some new images for you guys…Showing off what sort of fun I had this summer with some friends. First of all I decided to try out another samurai outfit though and posed in it, I thought it ended up looking pretty nice, don’t you think so too?!


This one is not as fancy looking as the other one I wore, though I still think it does the job pretty well. This one is also made with the same colors as my regular shrine maiden outfit.

It was pretty hot during the summer so I wore my shorter hakama skirt during parts of it, of course making it way more fun growing gigantic and throwing a massive rampage fit throughout the cities, I gave those little people the best view of their life for sure. At least before my foot landed on top of them!


I am not sure how much of the city survive, but oh well, they’ll be able to rebuild before I return, right? They seem to be pretty fast at doing such a thing normally. So while I let the people there rebuild their concrete heaven I went to the beach with my wife and the twins…And then one of my good friends named Chiu!


Chiu is naughty and grabbed me from behind when I wasn’t looking….I guess the little girl likes my boobs quite a bit, eheh, oh well, I do not mind her grabbing them.


I decided to visit one of the more famous Inari shrines around during the summer as well, and for the occasion I dressed up in my very lovely green kimono. Isn’t it wonderful?! Thought putting my hair up in a ponytail would look pretty cute as well.


Going back to my own shrine I invited Chiu over for some cuddles, she was nice enough to comb my tails as well during it. She is such a lovely little girl~


Though when we went back into the shrine itself and my room I did not expect this to happen, huff, good thing Chiu is a nice girl…Although she did touch me all over. -Pout- So naughty, she stripped me down completely and used her fingers and tongue all over me, at least it felt good. -Glances sideways-


Having acquired a new outfit I met up with my friend Kotoki for some fun, wearing each our ninja clothing we decided to be ninjas in the city, although I get the feeling we were not doing a good job at being ninjas…And hey, the city managed to rebuild since I visited the last time, I am pretty surprised. It was way faster than what they usually take, perhaps they have found a new way to set up their buildings.

Orange is not really a good ninja color either, but it most certainly fits the color of my hair and the rest of my fluff, like my tails and such. I preferresed the short yukata version and no panties on. Compared to Kotoki who seemed to like wearing tight short shorts instead.


In the end we just decided to get bigger though, unfortunately our clothes ended up breaking…And here I thought all clothes we wore were able to grow with us at any size, guess I will have to put some magic over my new ninja clothes as well then…Argh.


We hope the little people had a good time feeling our rather massive breasts just pressing up against the little planet though. Any accidents or destruction caused is of course…Well it was done on purpose but sorry anyways. It’s the price you little people gotta pay to be able to have planetary sized kitsune tits pressed up against your planet. -Grin-

See ya next time, I got more for you for sure!

(All art drawn by Batusawa on deviantART)

Trying out new outfits

I decided I wanted to try out a couple of new outfits today…So here they are. Are they cute? What do you think? Do you think I ended up cute in any of them? Perhaps more scary?

I dressed up in a bikini first though!


Visiting a friend who owns a cafĂ© I asked if I could help out, therefore I ended up dressed as a cute waitress…Quite a bit of cleavage showing there, people were staring, jeez.


Seeing as I am a shrine maiden kitsune I have never really tried the armor of a samurai…Therefore I wanted to do that, how do I look?


And…Well, since I tried out some normal Japanese armor I thought I’d check how it would be wearing some proper western type of armor as well…I also got a shield, those things are really heavy you know!!!


So that’s it! Any other outfits you think I should try out while on it perhaps? I am always open for trying out some new sort of clothing instead of wearing the same old shrine maiden clothing after all!

All art is made by anner-b on deviantART. Check them out.

Ahri art

I spent a little bit of my day today drawing something for a good friend named Aerri, also going under the name of Chiu, or as I like to call her cute little butt, Chiubutt. She is a big Ahri fan and therefore I drew an Ahri, although I am the worst kitsune at doing arts…Yep. Well, it is a chibi Ahri more than a normal one, and I am not gonna lie, being a kitsune myself, or rather of the fox variant myself, I am also a fan of Ahri~



I, Cysh, welcome you all to my new blog about…Well it’ll pretty much be about me. Think of this as a mix between a real life blog and a roleplay sort of blog as everything will be written though the eyes of the character. With this all said, I am hoping this will become somewhat of a success for me, although I assume not many people will end up reading this. I might also completely forget about the whole thing like I tend to do with blogs…Yeah…I will also be posting things like my poor attempts at drawing and perhaps even a couple of stories every now and then as well.

You can find links to places where you can find me here as well if you wanna check such out. Art below was made by theNightwishmaster on deviantART.

Until next time. -Cysh waves her hand-