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Posters currently OOS

I have made the decision to take all poster prints out of stock for the moment until I am able to find a new supplier for these.

The current supplier, have a few test prints and prototypes have not been satisfactory and I really do not want to sell posters that people might end up not enjoying because of issues. This can be issues with the size that they are sold as, or because of the printing process which seems to be leaving marks over the poster itself.

They will remain OOS until a new supplier is found. If no supplier can be found they will be removed entirely.
I am however working on having more proper tapestries/wall scrolls made instead.

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Adjusted Shipping Rates

Because of changes to shipping rates by Posten Norge AS, I have unfortunately had the need to increase shipping rates on the shop as well.

Changes are 3-5USD depending on the type of item.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I can unfortunately not do much about this since I rely on Posten Norge AS to ship items.

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Stripe Support Added

I have added support for Stripe payments now. So you don’t need a PayPal account to purchase anything from the shop, although you can also pay through PayPal without actually having an account, but this is good for people who might also not like using PayPal at all!

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Greetings and welcome to the new webshop. I have tried to make everything much easier, from purchasing to stock management! Hopefully you will find things you like here.

NOTE: Customers located in Norway, please order from instead! Prices there are in NOK and shipping is calculated to domestic only.
MERKNAD: Hvis du bor i Norge så må du nå bruke istedenfor. Prisene er i norske kroner og portoen er kalkulert for sendinger innenlands.

Need help with a purchase or just got questions in general? You can get in contact through the Support form located here!  – You will receive a reply as soon as possible. You may also find the answer on the FAQ page.

As has been noted on the FAQ page, none of the artwork used in these products is stolen. I have permission from the artists to use the works in the merchandise, I have also paid to commission these illustrations and the artists are receiving a royalty compensation for every item sold. So when you purchase an item from here you also support the artist behind the work!

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