Tote Bag Surprise



Receive a tote bag with several random items from the shop, as well as premium items not sold in the shop.
Please make sure you choose your t-shirt size upon checkout, just in case you are picked out to get one of those.

You will receive 1 out of 3 tote bag designs at random.
The images shown here is just for illustration purposes. The product(s) you receive may be different.
The images shown here is just to show what sort of items you might receive in this random tote bag.

Tote Bag FAQ

Q: How large is the bag?
A: The bag itself is 28×35.50cm (Height x Width)

Q: Why is the shipping rate so high for this?
A: Because of the high value of this pack I will only ship it as a parcel with tracking and insurance

Q: When will this item be shipped?
A: Within 1-2 months.

Q: Why such a long time until shipment?
A: Items are special ordered to make sure they are satisfactory, as well as the correct size for the person, in case of t-shirts.

By purchasing this product you understand that you are receiving an assortment of random items. You do not have any control about the items received, you are not allowed to refund or return single items from this bag. You may ask to return the whole bag however. Buyer will in that case be liable for return shipping, original shipping will not be refunded. Buyer is responsible for the item until it arrives, using a tracked method of shipment is recommended.

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